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Link Building: What Is It, And Why Is It So Crucial?

Backlink, or link for short, is one of the most fundamental and influential principles that determine how we use the Internet.

Whether you’re following search results on Google, clicking on a friend’s social media profiles, viewing the source of information on Wikipedia, or finding related articles, almost every online activity is made possible by links and some more important activities on the online infrastructure. When it comes to SEO — the process of improving a website’s ranking on search engines — the concept of backlink building is simply creating links from other websites to your website.

Many reasons make backlink building an essential aspect of SEO, but the most practical benefit is because backlink is a significant factor in Google’s search algorithm. This link can significantly improve your authority and potential ranking if you built it well. For search engines, links from third sites to yours are a sign proving that your web page offers value to users. If a site adds a link to one of your pages, it’s a vote of confidence, showing you’re trusted for a particular topic or purpose and are creating a positive brand association. These days, a backlink is considered one of the most important aspects of the SEO process. Businesses that do not have a firm backlink-building strategy may encounter a serious ranking decline on the search list.

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The Art Of Creating A High-Quality Backlink Profile

In the past, SEO link building services prioritized quantity over quality, but now, quality is one of the most difficult areas of SEO to carry out properly. Quality always comes first as search engines place more and more emphasis on quality in each ranking algorithm update. In terms of optimization, links from sites to yours that Google considers reliable and highly valuable are extremely worthy links. On the contrary, spam links and bad links from unreliable sources will cause your site to lose rankings, which is hard to recover.

The backlink-building process involves researching relevant websites and blogs, reaching out to suggest suitable links, and providing new URLs to website owners whose pages contain broken links to your site and many other steps. Theoretically, it sounds simple, but in practice, the process is a difficult challenge, requiring a lot of experience and the ability to recognize the right opportunity. In addition, backlink service is about making sure that your site is worth linking to. If the destination has little or no value to the people who click on it, that link could adversely affect your page’s performance and be less likely to cooperate with other sites. However, if your landing page is a rich resource of quality and engaging content, people will want to link to your site. As a result, traffic will have more chances of converting into potential leads.

Result Guarantee Within 90 Days Or Cost-Free Services Until Obtaining Satisfactory Results

  • Improve your website’s domain authority
  • Increase referral traffic to your website
  • Build brand awareness and visibility
  • Get your website noticed and trusted by bots and your target audience
  • Being mentioned and introduced by many reputable websites will help your website get trust and gain better conversions
  • Quality links can help your site’s content rank higher, be seen by Google as highly valuable resources, and thereby get you promoted in featured snippets or other types of search results.

We’ll help you avoid punishments for improper link building, sites with high spam scores and prevent links from being taken down after a while or 404s. Our focus is on encouraging reputable, relevant websites to link to your site through the natural link-building process and sharing your quality content.

We can help you get all the quality ‘link juice’ your website needs. Our mission is to establish your website as a trusted source that other sites WANT to link to. This will be valuable to help you get the strongest, highest quality, and self-directed link sources in the most natural way.

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Overlooked Benefits Of Link Building

Increasing reliability and rankings is often considered the primary benefit that link building brings. Still, link building has many other advantages that most website owners and businesses in Vietnam often ignore:

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If you’re ready to increase your brand’s credibility and search rankings with an effective and economic strategy, start your journey with Digital Marketing and quickly put your business on the road to success. Our service’s efficiency has been proven through stable results, the commitment to achieve goals in 90 days or wield all costs, and the satisfaction of thousands of customers in Vietnam and around the world.

Contact our link building agency now to find out how we transform your business in every way possible, from backlink-building services to a comprehensive digital marketing strategy through SEO services, Google Ads, social networks, and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions On Link Building

🔗 What is Link Building?

As a part of the off-page search engine optimization (SEO) strategy, link building is the process of obtaining high-quality hyperlinks on other web pages that lead to your site. By definition, these links are called backlinks. It’s an integral aspect of SEO, allowing search engines to understand a website and its content better.

💪🏼 Why Is Link Building Important?

Link building is extremely important for SEO as it can improve a website’s reliability and rankings if one built it well. Backlinks help search engine algorithms study and consider your website a valuable resource for users to enter search queries related to a particular topic. Although the number of backlinks is important, the quality plays the same role or is even more significant.

💲 Is Backlink Building Expensive?

Backlinks from reliable sites will greatly affect your website. So investing in a strong link-building strategy becomes extremely worthwhile instead of paying for lots of cheap, poor-quality, and ineffective links. Worse yet, poor-quality links can negatively affect your site’s credibility in search engines, causing your site to drop in rankings. You will need more resources to overcome this consequence.

👑How To Choose A High-Quality Backlink Service?

A good link building company must have specialized knowledge and professional skills to get the appropriate backlink system for the client’s website. The link-building experts at Digital Marketing know how to recognize high-quality links in the multitude of digital hyperlinks related to your business and then take strategic steps to get that link for the campaign and build a high standard backlink profile for the site.