What Is Digital Marketing? (Learn it in 5 Minutes)

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Digital Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing uses offline platforms such as television advertising, radio advertising, newspaper, banners, and flyers. The level of success of these methods is difficult to measure. On the other hand, digital marketing uses platforms where behaviors can be tracked easily and correctly. You can witness your website’s traffic monthly, the number of people who made a purchase after seeing your ads on Google, and how many times your followers have seen your posts on social media, for example.

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Types Of Digital Marketing

There are many digital marketing strategies you can apply. Don’t limit yourself to one strategy only, as the combination of any digital marketing listed here will push your brand awareness most effectively.

# 1. Search engines optimization

Search engines optimization (SEO) will help increase online visibility and website traffic. This marketing strategy requires using keywords targeted for your web’s content and super data, adjusting the web’s properties for users to have a better experience, and collecting backlinks, among other strategies. The SEO strategies that push your website to the first search results page (SERP) are related to what your target audiences search on the search engines. Since 75% of Google users don’t click to search on the second page, an SEO campaign is a must for enterprises to control the online targeted market.

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# 2. Pay-per-click campaign

Another effective marketing campaign you can use is a pay-per-click campaign (PPC). You pay every time a user clicks on your ad. This campaign works like bidding in an auction, and your bid amount will affect ad frequency to be visible in your targeted market.

Some ads make a great combination with other posts on Facebook and Instagram. Others labeled “sponsored” or “advertisement” at the bottom will help users easily recognize that they are ads.

# 3. Content marketing

One of the most crucial parts of your website is your content. What matters is that you need to publish original content with high quality. Related and informative content will leave a good impression on your customers and readers. Moreover, search engines prefer websites with unique and updated content. Effectively optimized content will bring back positive advantages when providing beneficial information for its targeted audiences.

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#4. Digital marketing on social media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn are highly-used social media platforms. With 3.8 billion users worldwide, these platforms effectively allow enterprises to interact with targeted markets out of reach. This can be achieved by creating organic content and paid content. You can attract audiences organically by constantly updating your social media with appropriate content. You can have a detailed study on your targeted market to understand. Moreover, it’s easier for you to build connections with them when they react to your content (comments, direct messages, etc.) This is called community management. Paid social media advertising is another way to bring your brand to the market. You can create your ads and target exactly specific subjects. The more people watch your ads, the more interaction you get.

The Importance And Relevance Of Digital Marketing

As a businessman, your goal is to advertise your products most effectively. A good marketing campaign will make everybody recognize your brand.
Some advantages of digital marketing include:

1. Brand awareness
2. Targeting
3. Cost-saving
4. Correct reports and feedback

# 1. Brand awareness

With marketing campaigns, appropriate content, and tools, your enterprise can have the opportunity to reach more online leads.

As we have mentioned before, many digital marketing strategies allow you to optimize your website to increase its rank. You can attract your online customers on social media by posting photos and interesting content.

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#2. Targeting

Another advantage of choosing digital marketing is that you can ensure the market you want to focus on. For example, no-brand product keywords added to your websites, like “blue pen” or “red women shirt,” will be the search queries of a group of customers who want to learn about those specific products.

When creating online ads, you can filter target audiences by locations, ages, genders, hobbies, and lifestyles. A targeted marketing strategy will help you gain leads with a better conversion rate.

#3. Cost-saving

Digital marketing benefits cost. Creating a Facebook page for your enterprise is always free unless you decide to use paid ads to increase your sales volumes. The great perk about paid ads is that you can limit your budget and stop these ads anytime you want.

SEO is a great investment – it will continuously create an effective impact even after you postpone your campaign, compared to paid ads which will stop appearing immediately if you run out of budget. However, it would help to maintain your website’s SEO (with lower spending) since your competitor can surpass you in search engines on one random fine day.

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#4. Correct reports and feedback

More importantly, you can witness and measure the process of digital marketing in real-time. Many different available online tools such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Google My Business can support you in measuring the website’s traffic and analyzing social media platforms to deeply study the effectiveness of your organic posts and paid ads.

In Conclusion

Digital marketing is gradually becoming an indispensable aspect of marketing for all enterprises. It’s time you step up in the game.

The best digital marketing strategy combines the most effective and suitable methods for your business goal. Working with a superior agency on digital marketing will be helpful as strategists can help you decide the best approaches to reach your goals.

Achieving success in online business cannot happen overnight – starting now is a must to get advantages in the following years.

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