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Master Of Advertising On Instagram In Vietnam

Owning more than 1 billion users, high engagement rate, KOL network expanding rapidly and getting continuous growth rate, indubitably, Instagram is a new kingdom for social media and a fantastic platform for any digital marketer to make money.

80% of Instagram users follow a brand, and in March 2017, over 120 million users accessed websites, found a direction or contact to a firm via this platform. Is yours one of them?

Providing a wider range of advertisement types and slots, the original marketing and detailed analysis features of Instagram have brought an infinite chance for brands to offer successful advertising campaigns that are measurable indicators of the result.

Whatever your target may be, improve brand awareness, attract potential customers, increase sales, or any other goal, let’s get the best out of social communication power with marketing experts on Instagram at and observe your business making a breakthrough.

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How Advertising In Instagram Approach New Users

Instagram offers a broad range of tools to distribute your advertisement to the right users, increasing your success possibilities, but first, we need to know your brand.

To begin with, we will speculate on your business’s insight to collect data of your customers and what makes your company different from others.

This phase is vital: to maximize the use of marketing activities on Instagram, you have to understand how to target effectively and approach only those with great chances of replying to your advertisement – not all users.

The distribution control, detailed insight access, and great accessibility to customers are crucial features that earn a reputation for marketing on Instagram as a wise strategy that virtually polished traditional advertisement off.
Once your target customers and business aims are well in our hands, we will promptly make a plan and implement your advertising campaign, which meets your target logically.

While carrying out those plans, our team will continuously be in close supervision and make necessary adjustments to ensure that they still work effectively and as economically as possible.

Target Ideal Customers With Inspirational Advertisements

Advertising on Instagram helps you offer attractive, good-catch, and effective promotion at ease to your target users who not just live in Vietnam but any other place in the world.

Although campaigns will be similar to Facebook and other key social platforms, the attractive and friendly interface of Instagram is superior to most other channels. This promotes your content on the main data source of users more continuously than ever before.

No matter where your campaign is set, in increasingly developed Instagram Stories, or in the main source of data, your brand will interlock smoothly among the contents from families, friends, and user’s other followed pages.

Users spend an average of 3 hours a day on social networks, so you will connect with those who have a lot of spare time.

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Why Are We The Most Prestigious Instagram Ads Service In Vietnam?

Since our establishment, we have worked with hundreds of customers to bring over 120.000 leads from the Instagram platform, SEO, Google Ads, and an array of other digital services.

We’ve been proud of the creative team with excellent talents in VietNam. Yet, the most important factor in our continuous development is our professional customer services and consistent outstanding outcomes.

We see your success as our own and make an all-out effort to achieve a goal on any scale or project scope.

We are proficient in helping firms continuously fulfill their goal, expressed through advanced and experienced strategies, which we are extremely proud of whenever starting a new campaign.

Whether you need our specialized knowledge to advertise on Instagram or set up various digital strategies in the long term, you can rest assured that our team will work without tiredness until you get a satisfactory outcome.

Still Not Convinced? Let’s Look At The Below Impressive Figures

  • Over one billion users (grow 43% than 2017)
  • 80% of users follow one business
  • 1,6% average interacts for brands, more than any other key platform.
  • 89% of marketers using Instagram to increase their influence
  • An increase from 9-16% new users in the first half of 20199-16% in the first half of 2019
  • $33,71 billion – projected advertising revenue for 2020
  • Video posts get 49% more interaction than photo posts.
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Frequently asked questions on Instagram Advertising

Since its launch in 2010, Instagram has become a remarkable platform, with over one billion users using it daily and 25 million businesses globally. It works as a powerful tool to connect brands with target audiences.

Firms are seeking large success on social networks directly with effective marketing strategies. From approaching more users to enhancing brand awareness, marketing on Instagram brings prominent chances for the growth of their enterprises.

Whoever your target customers are, they have a good chance of using Instagram. Thanks to over 60% of Instagram users checking their data source daily, their reaching range and interoperability are limitless.

Furthermore, 200 million Instagram users, which is a huge number, are frequently visiting business pages. Equipped with custom advertising campaigns, from enhancing brand awareness to getting interaction highly, marketing value on Instagram is greatly worth it.

An adequate advertising firm takes full advantage of Instagram by comprehending the changeable preference of users and building appropriate advertising campaigns.

In Digital Leading, we build unique stories to create the link between real events with social communication platforms for your brand.

Such digital advertising on Instagram will promote users to become buyers.
In the long term, our communication marketing strategies also apply the comprehensive approach to bring potential audiences and cultivate trust in your brand.

Approximately 75% of Instagram users have reacted when they see a post or an advertisement.

Instagram advertising may look something like any shared post on the platform, which makes it visible. This is the motivation that pushes small businesses and even huge corporations to widen their access.

From attractive photos to videos, investing in Instagram ads will support your enterprises, reaching a huge ROI in the long term.