Attract local residents even during the pandemic with local SEO

  • Help businesses dominate search in the local area
  • Increase the number of customers going directly to the local store
  • Propose Local SEO strategies from experts to help you overcome competitors
  • Earn potential revenue from local searches
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How does Local SEO work?

Instead of finding leads distantly on a large scale, Local SEO narrows prospective clients’ set, turning recent traffic websites into customers.
Now you might be thinking – Sounds great, but how? There are about 97% of online customers searching for products or services nearby. All you need is for them to have a glance at your company – and that’s where we come in to help.

Here at Digital Marketing Vietnam, our professional teams provide the most advanced Local SEO Service to amplify the brand’s visibility on search results. Each time customers input location-based search on their search engines, your firm will show up. That’s why integrating Local SEO is a must whether you own chain stores or pursue eCommerce.

Let’s imagine when you input “Local SEO Agency TPHCM” to Google Search, and the top three results pop up. Would you screen through these three websites? Researches have shown that not more than 10% of online users look further to the second search page. We’re pretty sure you won’t click on anything further than these results either.

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Why does your business need Local SEO?

An investment in Local SEO is worthy for any firm. Search engines will adapt to the needs of online shoppers when they continuously try to clearly express their purposes when looking for a particular company, product, or service. These engines will sort out a search list based on the most relevant information of distance, star rankings, and reviews.

Moreover, they also take offline commerce into account to ensure you can turn 78% of searches on your mobile devices into local purchasing activities – Think of it!

From connecting your business with nearby customers in a concentrated area, Local SEO proved its significant influence on consumers’ purchasing abilities in Vietnam and all over the world.

Due to those stimulating factors, Local SEO has soon become one of the most attractive strategies to captivate potential customers effectively. Our proficient Local SEO consultant team possesses the necessary methods to increase your company’s organic ranking and help you achieve your objectives, regardless of your scale and budget.

Maintain your position in the Local pack

It’s still crucial to have an optimized website to improve your Local SEO result, though it wouldn’t be enough to enhance your position within the Local Pack. When you enter local search keywords such as “agency near me” or “SEO service in Ho Chi Minh,” the information on the frame you see is also called “Local pack.”

Agencies appear in that local packs have a superior position with maximum visibility. Their traffic will increase dramatically. Of course, they will attract nearby customers waiting to make a purchase! To carry out an efficient Local SEO strategy, we use Google My Business as our primary tool to display your company on different search engines’ results.

Digital Marketing will support your firm to surpass the 44% of big enterprises that haven’t participated in the GMB list yet – Brings you an instant competitive advantage compared to other opponents!

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Robust approach and guaranteed outcome

Conducting higher traffic, more potential customers, and higher sales are what we have and are achieving. Our Local SEO expert in Digital Marketing provides robust strategies customized to reposition your business appropriately.

We also focus on optimizing your Local SEO strategies to further raise your rank on search engine’s results of a particular area. One of the most crucial reasons why you need Local SEO is because Google has soon become the go-to option when customers want to receive answers relating to inquiries, products or services.

With Local SEO from Digital Marketing of Vietnam, your company can fix your attention on your target. At the same time, we give our best effort to introduce your business on different platforms. There’s no need to believe our words completely. You’d better experience our service and prepare to deal with conversion rates to know why Local SEO is that important.

Frequently Asked Questions on Local SEO

🤔 What Is Local SEO?

Local SEO helps your business approach nearby individuals seeking services or products that you offer. It consists of a strategy set, including a thorough Google My Business list and a tailor-made website’s SEO content focusing on location-based keywords.

💡 What Can Local SEO Do For Your Business?

Recently, online users try to conduct searching activities with conspicuous purposes when they need to purchase products or pursue services. Furthermore, 78% of searches on mobile devices conducted locally have successfully converted into actual sales. Making Local SEO an essential strategy to companies, especially those with their primary income coming from customers visiting and buying at stores.

💰 Is Local SEO Free?

Developing Local SEO and building a solid ranking on local searching results is not as pricey as paid searches. However, you will need a digital marketing partner to guide you through your firm’s strategy, mainly when you don’t know much about these engines’ technical aspects.

Working with us, Digital Marketing – a Local SEO Company, you can rest assured that our strategies would best utilize what you already have. We guarantee a long-term effect on search engines, even post-project, when purchasing our affordable Local SEO services.