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SEO Site Audit’s Report Content

  • Determine rankings for SEO-friendliness and applicability
  • Offers detailed recommendations for HTML tags: H1 tags, title tag length, duplicate value tags, and missing description tags
  • Evaluate the content quality and provide metrics on duplicate content and page length
  • Focus range and keyword density statistics
  • Internal Links Score and Recommendations
  • Page speed and response time ratings, page size analysis
  • Backlinks scoring and data organization
  • General official judgment of improvements and final changes
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Why Is SEO Important?

Search engine optimization (SEO) will determine the ranking of your website on search engines. As 75% of users are unlikely to land their search anywhere further than the first page, a business’s website rankings are extremely important. More specifically, pages with high rankings can get tons of benefits: more traffic, more leads, and higher sales. In short, SEO is the process of getting you on the top page of SERP!

Leads were and still are looking for you – you just need to facilitate their searches. Our SEO methods will bring potential customers directly to you, while the full set of white-hat techniques (without breaking the rules) will help increase website rankings. Higher rankings increase the audience size and the opportunity to increase conversion rates and identify the key demographics.

Ask yourself: if you were a customer and wanted to find your business, what would you type into the search engine? The answer to this question is the foundation of your target keyword list.

A keyword is a specific word or phrase that users enter when performing an online search query. This tool is an essential part of basic SEO. As a data-driven company, we’re always striving to conduct in-depth research. As a result, we can identify your target market and develop a strong SEO strategy for your campaign.

The search engines will check your website overall. Therefore, they can check every aspect of the mutually influencing user experience, including page load speed, content quality, concise navigation, etc, when determining a site’s overall ranking.

As there are more than 200 ranking factors, you need our audit SEO to rank the business ahead of your competitors in the market race.

We commit to delivering results instead of making excuses for our failures. Instead of a temporary traffic boost, we aim for stable results for long-term achievements. Increase traffic up to 50% and get 60% of keywords on the front page of Google within 12 months!

Results Say It All

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