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Negative feedback on the internet can greatly affect your company’s reputation, products, or services. Besides protecting your reputation, ORM also helps active index URLs represent your brand in the best form.

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Why Do You Need An Online Reputation Management?

When searching for a local business, 97% of consumers’ perception of your brand will be shaped by reviews and feedback – online branding is the ultimate factor in a customer’s purchase decision. Customer’s perception of the brand has been proven to be a vital factor in deciding the success of your brand. As all businesses must deal with negative feedback, bad reviews, and negative information from competitors,’s reputation management service will apply strategic methods to alert you as soon as your brand’s name is mentioned. In this way, the company will be able to find out what people are talking about.

A Personalized Approach

Build your reputation now and find out its positioning. We will assign an expert manager to take responsibility for your campaign; after that, we will assess your brand’s digital footprint, set goals, and establish relevant strategies to improve the credibility of your brand’s website. We develop certain strategies based on the brand’s demands and challenges to optimize it and get rid of any negative outcomes associated with your business. As one of the leading reputation management services in Vietnam, we deliver results and transparency to our clientele. We do 24/7 supervising with in-depth infrastructure monitoring tools for your campaign and provide you access to online reports.

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With Leading Digital, you can build trust for your website, strengthen consumer trust, and keep your business ahead of the competitors. To start your online brand management campaign or for more detailed information, talk with one of our consultants today!

Frequently Asked Questions On Online Brand Management (ORM)


Online brand management (ORM) requires consistently promoting positive content and preventing false, misleading, or negative content about your business.


ORM helps businesses of all sizes reach their target audience. As brand awareness is directly associated with sales, the correlation between reputation and business is undeniable.


Like any other digital marketing service, the cost of an ORM depends on the set goal of your brand and the nature and demands of the project.