Earn a 400% return in just after 7 days with YouTube Ads

  • Approaching customers Ideal with targeted YouTube ads
  • Make the maximum use of advertising video effects with Youtube TrueView system
  • YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine and owned by Google
  • YouTube ads are easily measured
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We’re Here To Help You Utilize To The Utmost Of Your Ads Videos With Youtube’s TrueView

To launch an economical-effective Youtube Ads, you must understand Trueview’s insight and how it works.

Don’t worry if you haven’t grasped that yet. Our youtube video marketing company is here to help you choose your most suitable model, as well as explain each one’s pros and cons.

The perfect content for Youtube Ads is customer reviews’ videos, product introduction, and other catchy clips to attract attention to your products or services. People tend to skip those videos after five seconds, and this is incredibly great as you won’t have to waste your budget on those who don’t care about your company.

By getting help from us, a Youtube advertising agency, we will assist you in creating a strong call-to-action to captivate customers and maximize conversion. With our rich experience in the field, we know how to bring about fantastic outcomes for corporations in various industries.

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TrueView In-Stream

This type of ad can appear before, within, or after Youtube videos, as well as other places on the Google Display Network.

In-Stream Ads can last for as long as three minutes and is truly a great method to gain more traffic, raise brand awareness, and approach leads. This benefit seems to have doubled up as you only have to pay for the ads if someone stops by it for more than 30 seconds or clicks on it.

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TrueView Discovery

For any Vietnamese brand that wants to have a slightly less intrusive marketing strategy, TrueView Discovery is an ideal Youtube Video ad.

They have no limit in length and will show up on Youtube Homepage, search results, or the sidebar. We have succeeded in assisting firms using TrueView Discovery Ads to introduce new products and generate advertising documents to build trust and brand awareness to their target customers.

Leading Digital will help you construct all these ads and create appealing titles and content that your customers can’t resist. At the same time, we would also help enhance the effectiveness of your Youtube Ads strategy.

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TrueView Reach Ads

Being one of the newest Video Ads options on Youtube, TrueView Reach Ads best suits companies with a smaller budget.

They enable you to highlight the most attractive aspects of your brand or give out promotion programs within a 6-to-30 second long video. You only have to pay the Ads fee for every 1000 reaches. That’s why it’s considered the most economical way of utilizing Youtube ads services that every Youtube marketing agency uses.

Not What You Are Looking For?

Below Are Some Other Options Of Youtube Ads:

Non-skippable Ads

Non-skippable Ads can do what TrueView can’t. This method allows spreading messages in a more detailed way. With two display options, this kind of ad can last for up to 20 seconds. Either at the beginning or in the middle of the Youtube videos that are longer than 10 minutes.

Though non-skippable ads are annoying, Youtube users are getting used to them. Suppose you can bring about engaging advertising content that attracts your target. In that case, this can be an extremely effective method to produce conversion compared to those who only wait for the opportunity to skip your ads.

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Bumper Ads

Are you looking for a neat and quick method to spread your message? Though bumper ads only last for 6 seconds, which can’t deliver any detailed information, it’s the perfect length for quick, interesting, and memorable ads. Furthermore, this format is ideal for mobile users who constantly move because they would only see those in their free time or while walking on the street.

By connecting Bumper Ads with appealing content, you are pursuing the best weapon in your customers’ approaching strategy. This method can assist you in gaining popularity on the Internet while only charging you through each display.

How We Will Achieve Outstanding Results For Your Business

With Leading.vn, you can rest assured that you’re working with professionals who truly understand the techniques for effectively working in this potential platform.

Our Youtube advertising agency with experienced experts keeps pace with frequent changes of Youtube, so we know how to target your key audience precisely.

Whether you’re seeking to generate website traffic, advertise a specific product, or build brand awareness, we can all create a powerful strategy that resonates with your audience.

Being a youtube ads agency, we have many years of experience creating content to capture your target customers. This factor, combining with targeting the right segment and using the most optimized ads format, has achieved us various successes and gained customer satisfaction. Multiple customers have witnessed wonderful results from Youtube Ads strategies. Contact us now to be the next successful brand and bring your Video ads to a new level.

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Frequently asked questions on YouTube Ads

📹 Should I advertise on YouTube?

An advertising campaign optimized thoughtfully can reach significant development for your business. Via attractive content, impressive title, and intelligent targeting, you can approach your objects and make a conversion.

👀 Can I control who sees my advertisement?

In general, the YouTube platform can target any market with outstanding accuracy, yet it might be tricky to get right. Knowing your customers is the key to success, from age, income, marital status to life events and common interests.

🎨 Can I get creative with my advertisement?

YouTube is great for creating attractive advertisements. There are a variety of flexible options to support many various lengths of video. Moreover, you can freely use titles and thumbnail images to communicate to your audiences effectively.