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  • Building the most effective programming advertising strategy for your business
  • Use technology to optimize your ad more efficiently
  • Increase potential customers with high visibility ads
  • Allow advertising to be faster, cheaper and more efficient than ever
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Programmatic Display Advertising: Attract New Customers With Speed And Accuracy

Some digital marketing techniques have accelerated in recent years, such as programmatic advertising. This 21st-century approach to advertising has revolutionized the way ads are delivered to end-users, providing businesses with cheaper ways to reach potential customers worldwide faster and more efficiently.

At Leading.vn programmatic display agency, we harness the power of data and machine learning to deliver your ads to your ideal audience with maximum ROI, ensuring every dollar spent gets the best results. We eliminate last year’s outdated advertising channels and equip your business for unprecedented growth with the cutting edge of digital marketing: talk with our team today to discover how to use programming to increase your leads, sales, and profits.

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What Is Programmatic Advertising?

Google owns the world’s largest online display advertising network, with its campaigns reaching more than 80% of global Internet users. Incorporating Google Display Ads into your digital marketing strategy allows you to ensure that your target customers can always see your products.

Light Automation Reduces Costs, Not Results

No successful programmatic strategy lies in pressing a button and letting automation decide the fate of the campaign. The real rewards of this form of advertising come by eliminating manual processes that could be replaced by automation, like real-time bidding, and focusing more on the process requiring our attention.

Our programmatic buying strategies are built on using data and automation intelligently to dramatically improve the speed and accuracy of deployments while maintaining full control and adaptability to your campaign. We track results in real-time, provide you with detailed reports, run A/B tests regularly to help you get the most out of programmatic ads, whatever your goals are brand awareness, leads, or conversions.

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Why Programmatic Advertising Is Becoming The Future

Frequently asked questions on Programmatic Advertising


CPM stands for cost per mille, or cost per thousand, and refers to the price an advertiser pays for 1,000 impressions (an ad’s position) on a web page. This is the most common way to purchase Programmatic ad space. For example, if a publisher charges a CPM of $1, the advertiser pays $1 for every 1,000 ad impressions.


The cost of Programmatic advertising varies considerably based on your target audience, industry competition, campaign goals, and a host of other variables. Larger campaigns can have high initial costs due to their complexity. Still, a well-executed strategy can provide a strong return on investment for your business and greater efficiency compared to traditional advertising strategies and channels.


Cross borders and language barriers in your search for new customers. Leading.vn programmatic advertising agency, through Google’s DoubleClick Bid Manager, opens up your marketing campaigns to more than 90% of websites across the entire internet, helping you reach hundreds of millions of people browsing the web every day. We can deliver your ads through over 40 exchanges, doubling your chances of converting clicks into sales with ads that drive traffic to your website.


Leading.vn programmatic agency’s services are more than just execution. Our advertising operations specialists have in-depth digital marketing experience and understand that most successful campaigns are driven by data utilization. We use a range of end-user insights to determine who will see your ads, including age, gender, location, interests, browsing behavior, and more.