GDN Ads Will Boost Your Sales Within 24 Hours

  • Turn all views into brand awareness
  • Intensive customer analysis based on data and trends of the industry
  • Connect new customers with your business and increase sales
  • Perform remarketing on those who have previously visited the website
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What Is Google Display Network?

Google Ads are much more than keywords, search engine optimization (SEO), and PPC campaigns that show your web at the top of the search page. Google also operates a Global Display Network, allowing businesses to place selected content, such as banner advertisements on relevant websites that have signed up for their Google Display Network (GDN).

According to recent statistics, Google Display Network has reached over 90% of internet users worldwide, with over 2 million published websites. That’s a huge figure waiting for you to explore. At LEADING, we have experience developing and planning strategic display advertising campaigns that ensure your products’ ads reach the target audience.

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Guarantee Your ROI By Working With Vietnam’s Fastest Rising Agency

At, we don’t just talk and talk; we act and commit. We have spent a long period immersed in digital marketing, working with hundreds of clients in Vietnam to produce 1.2 million qualified leads. Besides, our pay-per-click team also consistently develops relevant strategies that will benefit and help your business achieve the set goal.

Our professional strategist team knows how to position your GDN advertising on various relevant websites to form smart marketing campaigns that will remind your current customers of your services while attracting new customers who have expressed interest in your products/ services via search engines in the meantime.

How Can Google GDN Help Your Business?

As Saint Giong had to eat hundreds trays of rice to become stronger, you must set up a data feed in order to become a superhero on Google Shopping. 

If you haven’t got an account, you’ll need to create a Google Merchant Center account here. To start developing your shopping campaign, upload your product feed and connect your product data to Google Ads via your account. This is where you will also configure basic business information, shipping, and tax settings.

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A Supervised Strategy That Fits Your Business

It is quite hard to know where to start without proper information within such a vast network. You could easily end up wasting too much of your marketing budget for displaying ads on websites that do not result in improved traffic or conversions for your company.

We’ll assist you in making the best decisions by continuously checking how your advertisements work across the sites where they’re displayed to improve ongoing campaigns and building stronger data for future ads.

Closely Follow Up With Your Competitors

If you want to ensure that all the attention is on you, you’ve placed your trust in the right place! Our team of PPC and Google Ads advertising experts can conduct detailed competitor analyses and audits during our campaigns to help you stay on top of your field.

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Reach Specific Audiences Without Going Over Budget

Not only does cost-per-click tend to cost lower, but GDN Ads also allows you to choose exactly the time and location for your ads displaying. This way, you can be assured that your business is ready to reach the audience that highly interacts with your products and services at all times. Above all, you can have complete control over your finances to avoid any extra fees.

Get Results Right From The Beginning

Google Display ads will drive traffic to your website directly after they’ve been set up. From the start, your ad will reach potential clients who are already interested in what you offer them, and they will remember your brand as long as you exist. Once your display ads are set up, you can engage new target customers and facilitate them in connecting with your brand.

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Frequently asked questions on Google Display Advertising


Google Ads are divided into two networks – The Google Search Network and the Google Display Network (GDN). The Google Display Network reaches over 90% of global internet users and spans over two million websites. Unlike advertising displays at the top of search results pages, Google display ads are visual banner ads on web pages.


Placing your ads on the Google Display Network allows your business to reach users from thousands of different websites and apps. These sites include big, popular, and smaller relevant sites. When combined with SEO campaigns, Google Display can maximize the scale and effectiveness of your target consumer base. This creates a higher chance for your brand to connect with the target market.


With Google Display Ads, you can choose the time and location of your displaying ads. This strategy is cost-effective, as it allows your company to connect with customers who have high interaction with your products and services. Plus, the cost per click is lower. By working with a reputable agency like, you can keep a tighter grip on your budget.


A suitable agency recognizes the importance of a supervised strategy in achieving your company goals. With Leading, skilled teams will assist you in evaluating and managing the quality and return on your advertisements while also building on data for future ads. We ensure that Google Display Ads position your business at the top of your industry by monitoring your rivals.