Capture high-quality leads and increase sales in just 24 hours with Google Ads!

  • Attract more people to your site with Google Ads
  • Optimize your campaign and expand your customer file
  • Turn all clicks into ROI for your business
  • Master Google ADS ecosystem
Let's Start With Google Ads...
Let's Start With Google Ads...
Let's Start With Google Ads...
Let's Start With Google Ads...
Let's Start With Google Ads...
Let's Start With Google Ads...

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Let's Start With Google Ads...

Do You Want To Boost Your Sales Right Away?

Let’s Start With Google Ads…

Have you ever heard something like this before…?

“We tried Google Advertising, but it didn’t work out for us.”

If so, this possibly means that this person set up Google Ads incorrectly.
Google Ads is one of the most effective ways to attract high-quality potential customers and generate breakthrough sales – which can all be automatic.
Whether you are a new business looking for your first clients or an established firm trying to expand into a real money-maker – Google Ads is always the best choice.

Sounds unrealistic? Here are some astounding statistics that indicate the tremendous power of Google Ads:

  • Your visitors are 50% more likely to purchase your product after clicking on one of your advertisements.
  • Online advertising can increase your brand awareness by up to 80%.
  • 65% of all Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are running the PPC campaigns.
  • 35% of your customers will purchase your products or services within five days after searching these services/products on Google.

Yet, Google Ads is effective only if you utilize it correctly.

Let's Start With Google Ads...
Let's Start With Google Ads...

Turn A $1 Investment Into A $10 Return. We Know What To Do!

The truth is that most agencies lack the experience and skills to run an effective Google Ads campaign.

At Leading Digital, we’ve spent a lot of time assisting hundreds of companies in expanding their ads, supporting the growth of businesses, and increasing their sales.

As we have in-depth experience in Google Ads Management, we are capable of providing you with an incredible ROAS (Return on Ad Spend).

In fact, we do not consider Google Ads as an advertising platform; we think of it as a money-printing machine that takes your business to the next level.

If you’re ready to take your business to a whole new level with an efficient Google Adwords Agency, click the button for direct consultation with our Digital Strategists.

We Also Provide Other Google Ads Services…

Visible Results In 24 Hours

One of the powerful specs of Google Ads is their amazing effective speed. Unlike SEO, Adwords will rank your website on top of the Google search result instantly.

With Google Remarketing and Google Display Network, your products’ ads will follow customers who previously interacted with your website and display your business’ best services/products on their favorite sites. This allows customers to shop quicker than before, as they can purchase products from your website anywhere. Hence, Google Ads is the ideal way to get fast results.

Let's Start With Google Ads...
Let's Start With Google Ads...

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Why should i add PPC services to my future marketing budget?

Increased Traffic, New Sales Leads, Greater ROI… The Opportunities Are Endless!

Want to have instant results without breaking your budget plan? Google Adwords Agency is the answer! As a powerful marketing tool, Google Ads helps you swiftly reach new customers at a low budget. The battle for Pay-Per-Click (PPC) supremacy has never been fiercer! Let’s pick up one of our cost-effective management packages and collaborate with a team of PPC and Google Ads marketing experts to create a powerful campaign now!

Target Traffics And Turn Them Into Customers

Why do we waste money trying to reach out to audiences who don’t care? With Google Ads Management, we target people who previously looked for your items! We are closely associated with your organization to create the most relevant and effective advertising that highlights your company’s uniqueness.
At, our professional PPC services team develops smart and appealing campaigns while still considering your company’s goal and budget. We conduct in-depth competitive analysis and keyword research to identify areas that need improvement, so you’ll get the results within only 24 hours! We ensure to boost your rank on top of Google as fast as possible.

Attract New Leads By Using Our PPC Packages

There’s a lot of ways to kick off a high-performing campaign! Apart from using relevant keywords and targeting the right customers as part of the campaign, estimating and adjusting the campaign throughout the functioning process are also extremely vital.

Once your campaign launches, we’ll track impressions, clicks, and conversions. This information will help us optimize your current PPC campaign and create a better and stronger one!

Kiểm soát chi phí marketing của bạn

We ensure you only pay for your demand services and a small monthly fee for the campaign with our Google Ads service. All the rest are on us!!

Track your Return on Investment (ROI) and seamlessly manage your Google PPC campaign via our detailed reports.

Let's Start With Google Ads...

Here are all the benefits you can get with our Google PPC service:

  • Increase the number of leads, sales, growth, and traffic of your website.
  • Target your most qualified and relevant customers.
  • Transparently control your budget without any extra fee!
  • Huge Profit – For every 1,000 VND invested in our PPC Service, we make 3,000 VND in return.
  • Visible result in 24 hours!
  • 24/7 Support for your Pay Per Click Campaign!
  • In-depth reports for efficiency improvement of your next campaign!

Consequently, rest assured as you will be working with the most reputable PPC agency in Vietnam and beyond! Contact us today to get started for your next campaign!

Frequently Asked Questions On Google Ads Agency

Generally, Google Adwords or Google Ads is Google’s pay-per-click (PPC) advertising platform on which you can bid to advertise on certain keyword searches performed by your target. You only need to pay to click on your ad.

Small and Medium Enterprises normally spend from VND 100,000,000 to VND 200,000,000 per month on Google Ads. In contrast, large enterprises are willing to invest up to billions in paid search advertising budgets as long as they are effective. You can take control of your costs through a range of tactics, such as device targeting and ad scheduling. It’s better to seek advice from a Google Ads expert on developing an appropriate budget for the campaign.

If you require speedy conversion rates, a powerful Google Ads search campaign can increase the number of visitors to your website and boost your sales within 24 hours. As long as you are willing to invest in it, Google Ads is the most successful approach for your business. An SEO campaign will possibly be a better option for small-budget customers to attract free organic traffic to your website. You can get the result within a specific period with an SEO strategy. Unlike PPC advertising, the results will stop once you cease investing in your campaign.