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Increased 200% Of Potential Customer With Vietnam’s Best LinkedIn Ad Service

Despite having nearly half a billion active users, LinkedIn is still one of the underrated platforms when it comes to digital marketing. The specialized social networking site is made for professional practitioners and businesses, so it is usually ignored by advertisers. However, LinkedIn may be capable of impressive feats in marketing, especially for B2B relationships.

Surprisingly, 80% of potential B2B customers become aware of a business through LinkedIn advertising, and 94% of B2B marketers distribute their content in some form or another on this platform. Many business owners and working individuals can form their buying decision via LinkedIn. By partnering with Leading Digital, you can get access to the top enterprises of Vietnam.

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Connect To Millions Of Active Users And Their Buying Power

LinkedIn users typically have double the buying power of any average web user; this fact itself should be able to bring upon countless businesses their profit opportunities.

With our LinkedIn Marketing campaign, you will be able to come in contact with anyone, from college students, small business owners to CEOs, by using a carefully targeted message designed to inspire actions.

Additionally, you can specify your audience using social filters like occupations, area of expertise, working locations, etc. Filtering and targeting your main audience is part of the reason behind the rise in popularity of social media marketing, and the LinkedIn Ads agency will be able to provide you with the unique connections your business will have with other businesses.

With the ability to reach a specific yet diverse audience, it will be incredibly easy to connect and deliver your messages to those who will most likely respond to said call-to-action.

Optimize the use of ad formats on LinkedIn

Back Up Your Success With Detailed Analyses And Reports

With the help of a LinkedIn Ads manager and a team like our own, a social media marketing campaign will be solidly based on evident data and other information within your reach, giving it the potential to become a long-term part of your marketing strategy.

From the start, we can target your audience by utilizing specific positions and target audience specifications based on provided data and observe how your ads spread and perform towards those most likely to respond within Vietnam or internationally. When your campaign is in progress, we always update report information as well as provide analysis so you can also keep up with your brand’s efficiency and make necessary changes, optimizing your budget and interactive rates.

We will use this exact data to create new goals for future ads, experiment with new audiences, or expand your campaign to new fields. You will never run out of opportunities to put LinkedIn ads into use, as it will drive traffic, build leads and earn sales for your business.

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Choose A Trustworthy LinkedIn Advertising Company

At Leading Digital, we are proud to present our achievements and successes with clients in various fields. B2B Marketing is not an exception to this, and our LinkedIn services follow a result-oriented formula to prioritize sales boosts rather than encouraging a single click. Our clients are always blown away by the results we provide – that is our motivation to become the best at what we do, no matter the circumstances or projects.

Whether you are promoting a product or a service, trying to increase website traffic, or taking in requests via sales groups, we can make adjustments based on your needs and budget and put you in the best spot to bring in profits.

Combine the LinkedIn marketing strategy with your existing Facebook ads/Instagram ads plan, expand your PPC ad reach towards Google Ads or ask us about our SEO provision services so we can strengthen your online presence on social media platforms.

Contact us so you can learn the price of our products and services for free, or discuss ways we can help you best meet your business goals!

Frequently Asked Questions On LinkedIn Marketing

🤔 What are LinkedIn Ads?

LinkedIn Ads connects you with millions of global purchasing specialists. With it, you can spread your brand’s message to a wide range of objects, from undergraduates, small business owners to managing specialists and encourage them to act. Like any other platforms, LinkedIn Ads works in the bidding system, where you can determine your target segment and have full control over your budget.

💰 Are LinkedIn Ads effective?

Though LinkedIn Ads might be far more expensive than other platforms like Facebook and Google, to find a professional specialized in LinkedIn Ads, one with proper skills and knowledge will be worth every penny. With more than half a billion using these platforms, research has proven that 80% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn, creating opportunities for firms. LinkedIn Ads surely is a possible strategy for long-term operation.

❓ What is the best format for my business’ LinkedIn Ads?

Your decision on your Ads format would greatly be based on your target marketing segment. Whether it is sponsored content, message ads, text ads, carousel ads, auto ads or advanced LinkedIn ads, it’s crucial to know their specific benefits and if they can fit your target for the best result. It would be best to ask your LinkedIn Ads specialists and let them properly guide you through.

💡 What will LEADING.VN do if responsible for my LinkedIn Ads?

The value that a LinkedIn advertising service like can provide is more than simply setting up ads. Once your campaign kicks in, we’ll regularly analyze and monitor performance, and refine your strategy as needed to minimize costs and maximize profits. With a proven track record, you can also count on us to quickly execute LinkedIn ads with an effective social media marketing strategy.