Link Building: What is backlink and what role does it play in online marketing?

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What Is Link Building In SEO?

More and more businesses are investing in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), an important digital marketing technique nowadays. You can improve your website’s visibility on different search engine results pages (SERP) by optimizing your websites properly. SEO consists of on-page and off-page optimization. Specifically, on-page SEO relates to improving your websites, such as meta descriptions, URLs, and content optimization. Off-page SEO, on the other hand, refers to the external actions you take to change your website’s rankings. Some examples of off-page SEO are social media marketing, local SEO such as your Google My Business listing, and influencer marketing. Nevertheless, the most important component is the backlinks, often known as link building by digital experts. The below section are some crucial things to keep in mind about link building and how it can benefit your website.

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Key Definition Of Backlink

Have you ever visited a website with external links that send you to another site? That link is called a backlink, inbound link, or an incoming link (link from another website to your website). It is when a website links to another website so that users can access it. Backlinks are classified based on attribution. There are three types of backlinks:

1. Natural Links

2. Manually Built Links

3. Self-Created Links

#1. Natural Links

These are links from other websites that mention or hyperlink to your company page. Here is an example of natural links: A blogger evaluates/reviews your business goods and links back to your product page.

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#2. Manually Built Or Outreach Links

These are links included in other websites upon the request of the business owner. You might send a product to a potential partner and ask them to write a review of it, with your URL and optimized anchor text included in the article. An influencer marketing strategy is one of the ways you can build hand-crafted backlinks.

#3. Self-Created Links

These links are created by adding backlinks to forum posts, blogs, press releases, or online directories. This technique frequently tends to tread into black hat SEO, so be cautious when using these sites. Make sure the material you’re linking to is relevant to your website and has well-optimized anchor text.

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What Is An Effective Backlink?

An effective backlink is a high-quality backlink. In particular, the quantity of your linking sites does not represent quality. Not all third-party websites are reliable and useful. Here are some points to bear in mind before adding websites to your off-page SEO strategy:

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#1. Make Sure The Linked Site Performs Well On Search Engines

Choose websites with a well-established reputation. Your SEO campaign will not profit from sites on the tenth page of the SERP.

#2. Backlinks Should Come From Reputable, High-Authority Websites.

Domain Authority (an indication that establishes a domain name’s or website’s authority) of linking sites is essential in establishing your website’s credibility. Low-authority backlinks are regarded as weak and can negatively impact a website’s SEO campaign.

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#3. Choose Partner Websites That Are Relevant To Your Business

According to Google, getting an inbound link from a website specializing in home improvement will not benefit your business that offers medical supplies.

#4. Renew Your Backlink

If you’ve changed your URL, such as switching from HTTP to HTTPS, you should inform the third-party sites to update the new backlinks. In short, valuable backlinks have the following characteristics:

1. High ranking and popular
2. Relevant to your website
3. High authority and credibility
4. Updated and fresh

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Do I Need Backlink?

Yes, having backlinks is very beneficial. It’s an essential part of SEO that will help your online marketing strategy. Besides, backlinks are also pieces of proof that aid in the quality of your website.

This strategy helps boost your online visibility and enhances the possibility of being evaluated by Google as a relevant site for the search queries your site has optimized for. Building backlinks is also a step to create connections, facilitating you in finding better ideas to strengthen your marketing strategy. Moreover, this off-page SEO technique helps to improve traffic to your website once you start ranking higher on search engines.

In general, Backlinks help improve your online visibility. Even though several other businesses are possibly ahead of you, it does not mean you cannot compete with them. You will earn more clients in the long run with relevant optimization, connection, and supporting capacities.

Conduct A Thorough Backlink Research.

You may feel frustrated without good partners to provide you with enough backlinks. Don’t worry, nothing beats a well-thought-out marketing strategy!

Suppose you don’t know how to conduct backlink research, entrusted this mission to a professional SEO agency. These agencies have already established partnerships with relevant websites so that they will be able to rapidly come up with an efficient backlink plan for your website.

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When it comes to digital marketing, creativity is the key leading to success. You might be confused, but you will learn how to adapt to this environment. If one of your objectives is to increase traffic and leads, don’t neglect tried-and-true strategies! Amongst these marketing strategies, link building is one of those effective ways to boost your SEO campaign. Pay attention to suggestions that will help a website get a valid backlink and avoid useless and redundant ones.