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Maximize Your Target Customer

In the developing globalization economy nowadays, businesses need to be more agile to surpass their competitors. Global SEO will help you present your website to potential customers worldwide. To survive in this severe digital world, your strategy must meet the global market’s needs – that’s why our Global SEO services were born.

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Domestic And International

As a leading digital company in Vietnam, we can expand your reach further and motivate your company to new markets. LEADING – an international SEO agency – has experience assisting businesses to discover new potential markets and obtain new revenue. How? We offered multi-language and multi-regional Global SEO strategies to correctly focus on your target customers, as well as assist you with in-depth data-driven approaches.

Speaking The Same Language To Expand The Vision

In real life, for two parties to fully understand each other, they must speak the same language. A similar rule also applies when it comes to effective communication with global customers. If your site is currently facing a language barrier, we’ll help you solve this headache. When we optimize SEO strategies for you, our multilingual experts apply the best practical strategies to localize the language on your website so that your customers can deeply understand your message and business.

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Incisive Experience

We fully understand your difficulties because we used to experience them just like you. At Leading, we are willing to help your company reach the world with our Global SEO packages. With headquarters in Vietnam and many cooperated agencies in Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, Thailand, Dubai, etc., Leading is an international SEO company with various specialized knowledge to conquer the international markets. From such experience, we can provide your business with practical advantages to defeat your competitors. We guarantee our Global SEO strategy would make specific impacts on your target audience, and of course, your sales growth!

How Does International SEO Help You Go Global?

TIt’s fair to compare Global SEO with geotargeting, despite being much larger and more complex. For small and medium enterprises (SMEs), geotargeting SEO attracts new potential customers from nearby areas. Whereas international SEO uses multi-regional site optimization to attract the entire overseas demographic. Our experts, along with a cutting-edge toolkit of techniques, can take your company to a whole new world. To give you a classic example of how web users are affected by non-professional international SEO, let’s start with this: you’re shopping online and just found the perfect product. You choose “Add to Cart,” then realize that you cannot checkout. Why? Simply put, you are not in the right region to pay! Now, you’re probably wondering why these websites don’t automatically register your location? The answer is clear: websites must have Global SEO. In this particular case, this site also needs to set up the hreflang tag. It’s a line of code that identifies where your visitor is browsing the web.

Rest assured, as we understand the techniques for setting up hreflang tags, that’s why we guarantee your customers will never have the same experience as the previous example! With just this simple technique, your website can increase your keyword reach by up to 350% – and that’s just a small example!

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Increase Your Influence In The International Market

Similarly, 75% of Google search users will not scroll past the first page, which is also true for search engine users in different regions, such as users of Yandex or Baidu. Although domestic SEO principles can also be applied to Global SEO, acquiring new leads and boosting sales in a new country abroad requires a comprehensive digital strategy to meet the international market’s needs on different platforms. For example, the two most popular search engines globally, Google or Bing, will have very different search algorithms. Our SEO team is well aware of this; we pride ourselves on being proficient in SEO optimization to achieve better rankings for multiple languages and websites on each search engine.

We strategize and make various changes to increase your keyword rankings on search engines in different regions. Simultaneously, we get your site where it needs to be – right in front of your target customers. Whether you use local or global SEO, it’s never as simple as just allocating keywords on the page. Instead, SEO strategies remain holistic approaches that require thorough website optimization techniques to ensure the best possible user experience.

This includes premium content, engaging images, and intuitive navigation. SEO optimization is a whole process, and each element makes up one part for the bigger picture, taking your website step by step to the first result page. Here in, we know how to put it all together! Unlock the incredible potential of your website with Global SEO and grow your revenue today! You will experience truly different results with our team of leading SEO experts.

Frequently Asked Questions On Global SEO

🌍 What is Global SEO?

Global SEO is a strategy for businesses to communicate with global customers in their preferred language. This process is done by organizing and optimizing your website for multi-regional audiences through translating website content into your target customer’s local language.

💡 What are the benefits of Global SEO?

Global SEO is vital in turning your business into a global brand. By localizing content on your global website, you can enjoy a significant increase in web traffic and the conversion rate from other countries over time. Our multilingual experts at LEADING will adjust Global SEO campaigns to fit your business goals so that you can reach the highest possible ROI.

🤔 What is the difference between local and Global SEO?

Local SEO will optimize your online visibility to target relevant local search queries. Global SEO, on the other hand, is about expanding your reach into foreign markets. In some cases, local SEO strategies can be applied in your Global SEO campaign to reach more specific audience groups in each country.