Negative content disappeared from the Vietnam Google first result page.

What Need To Be Solved

Topdev cited some good posts of the IT and developers community. As a consequence of Topdev’s domain authority and superb on-page SEO techniques, these cited posts’ search results gained higher ranks than the original posts.

This issue leads to some misunderstandings about copyright infringement and causes negative comments about the Topdev brand. These bad contents would appear on the first result page of Google.

How Did We Tackle It

LEADING’s SEO team determines which keywords would lead customers to these negative posts. After that, we would do an overall rating of their content, backlink, and SEO techniques to figure out a potential method of pushing the positive posts’ rank higher and surpass the bad ones.

We used PR posts on official newspapers and quality Guest posts to give out nice information about the brand, explaining the scenario, and present evidence that protects the Topdev brand.