• Võ Minh Vũ
  • Tháng Chín 29, 2021

Clutch Names Leading.vn as a Leading Advertising Agency in Vietnam

Leading.vn is a premier digital marketing based in Vietnam. What sets our agency apart from the competition is our specialized expertise and experience in various industries such as advertising, SEO, PPC, SMM, and content marketing.  We collaborate and integrate seamlessly with your team to ensure all parties are aligned.

Today, we are looking to announce very special news to everyone. Without further ado,  we are very proud and excited to announce that we’ve been recently named as a leading advertising agency in Vietnam by none other than Clutch. Their 2021 research list for top companies in our country features stellar B2B businesses and we are very honored to stand among these industry leaders.

To receive this award, here is our Founder and CE, Vo Minh Vu:

“We are thrilled to have been chosen as one of the leading digital marketing agencies in Vietnam by Clutch. Our team has been working hard and they’ve put their heart and soul into every project we handle. Being recognized for doing our best is very surreal and we are very glad to receive such high praises from a company we look up to.”

In case you don’t know, Clutch is a ratings and reviews platform based in Washington DC. They carefully curate lists of the absolute best agencies and organizations by industry and location, simultaneously enabling companies to establish credibility and buyers to find the right services. Their platform is the go-to for both businesses and vendors like us.

Let’s find out how we can grow your business together! Call our office today and let’s talk about how we can help.

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